Our ya! Counsellor Team

The ya! Counsellor Team accompanies the children from morning till evening, cheers on at football games, patches up scratches on the knee, laughs to tears with the children and dances with them at the disco. 

The ya! Counsellors are mostly students from the areas of Education, Sport und Psychology, as well as soon-to-be and trained teachers. They are carefully selected based on their qualifications. Requirements for a successful placement in the young austria summer camps are experience with children and youths, a sense of responsibility, athletic and creative talents, knowledge of foreign languages and and and…


The ya! Counsellors – a strong Team!

As a counsellor, one is responsible for the well-being of the kids at the summer camps. This includes the organisation and implementation of diversified and extensive sport and recreational programs, as well as the creation of sport and teaching plans, controlling spending money and lots more.

The ya! counsellors are there to support the children with any problems or emergencies. They are their friends, brothers, sisters and replacement parents for the duration of the camp and are available to the kids for fun, conversations and even a goodnight story. 
From the little ones to the big ones, the counselor team provides individual and age-appropriate supervision – from cleaning teeth to interesting conversations…

In addition, all counsellors must provide a police certificate – only then is a place in a ya! Camp allowed if this is flawless.


Every camp has a leader!

The Camp Leaders are responsible for the smooth execution of the camps, in addition to their supervisory role.  Their tasks include supervisor planning, point of contact for sporting activities, guest house administration and the contact person with the ya! Office. The camp leaders also handle questions from parents which can arise during the camp.


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