Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to provide you with helpful answers for your final questions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

young austria supervisors
The children and teenagers are supervised by the young austria team of supervisors. Our supervisors are primarily sport, education, and psychology students, as well as fully trained and prospective teachers. All ya! supervisors take part in a training course to prepare them professionally and extensively for the work at the summer camps. The completion of training courses in first aid, legal issues, planning and organisation are prerequisites for being accepted to work. As a matter of course, a police record check is carried out on all supervisors. The supervision and care of minors is our imperative. Participants under the age of 18 are only allowed to leave the grounds of the camp with the permission of the camp supervisor at certain times only and exclusively in small groups. Please inform your child about it.

24h Hotline
In an emergency, young austria can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the summer camps.  Please only use this telephone number in emergencies so that the lines are not unnecessarily engaged. The number will be provided on the travel documents before departure.

Emergency card
The information entered in the emergency card is vital for your child’s supervisor. This information is extremely important and will of course be handled with discretion. Further information is available at the time of booking as well as on the travel documents. Please give the fully completed form to your child to bring on camp. Information should be given as to any allergies (e.g. food allergies), medical conditions and details of medication at the time of booking! Please note that our supervisors can only administer medication that has been entered on the emergency card (name, dosage).  Our supervisors are not allowed to give out any other medicine to the participants. 

HERE you can download the emergency card. 

Food allergy
If your child suffers from any food allergy such as milk allergy or similar, we kindly ask you to inform us about it together with the booking. We will send you together with the booking confirmaion a separate questionnaire with detailed informaion.

Please consult your family doctor regarding necessary vaccinations and enter this information on the emergency card.

Contacting your child
The best time to contact your child is between 6.30 pm and 7.30pm – after the evening meal.  Please be aware that frequent phone calls can provoke homesickness, especially in younger participants.

Pocket Money
We recommend an amount of approximately €20 per week – the participants spend pocket money on souvenirs, postcards, ice cream and extra drinks etc. The kids can give the money to the counsellors who will keep it safe and hand it out when needed. 

Daily routine
The daily routine depends on the camp and weather conditions. Generally a daily routine could look like this.

Additional offers
It is possible to book extra optional activities for your child, such as rafting, high rope courses, overnight stays in a mountain lodge etc.

The additional optional activities are provided by professional licensed sport and outdoor activity organisers. Availability of additional activities is dependent upon the number of potential participants; therefore we must decide on site which programmes will run. Please note that the extra activities vary according to the camp.  Two weeks before the camp starts, you will receive the travel documents from us, including a list of possible extra activities on offer.  Please tick the chosen extra activities of interest on the list and confirm with your signature. Please give this form to your child to bring to camp – it will also serve as written consent.  Please also ensure that your child brings the corresponding fees with them.  

Mobile phones and other troublesome items
To keep a "radiation-free" atmosphere in our camps, the participants’ mobile phones may be collected at the beginning of the camp. Every day at "mobile-times" (after dinner between 6pm and 8pm) the phones will be handed out to the children. Please note that the collecting of mobile phones depends on the camp leader and may vary from camp to camp. Laptops, playstations, gameboys and other such devices should stay at home! The possession of dangerous objects such as (pocket)- knives is of course forbidden!

Valuables, pocket money and important documents
Our team of supervisors take care of pocket money and documents belonging to the participants. Please ensure that the documents are placed in the allocated envelopes for safekeeping. These envelopes will be provided with the travel documents. Should the documents not arrive by post, please use another envelope and ensure that it is clearly marked with the name of your child. Participants may access their pocket money at allocated times. Any personal items that are not handed in for safekeeping are the responsibility of the child. We also recommend labelling any items of value with your child’s name.

We recommend all Austrians to take a copy of their passport/identity card with them. Any citizen of an EU Schengen state hast to bring at least the original ID. Children from other countries should carry the original of their passport with them. Please find out in advance of making a booking regarding the particular travel conditions such as visa requirements from the country of origin.

Please ensure that your child has the necessary medical and liability insurance. 

MEDICAL insurance
The following guidelines are in place in order to enable medical treatment by a doctor in case of illness or accident:

  • Children from Austria require an E-card
  • Children from EU states require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • We recommend that children from other countries take out medical insurance with the European Insurance Agency (please see below).

Should you decide to take out another insurance policy, please be aware that in the case of illness or accident, our team of supervisors cannot contact the insurance company before consulting a doctor or hospital, in order to ensure your child receives the fastest your child receives the fastest medical attention possible. Parents will be informed immediately (after emergency treatment is given) and can then clarify any further steps with their insurance company.

Should your child have to visit a doctor or hospital during the camp, some costs may have to be paid immediately. We commit to paying these costs in advance, and kindly ask you to settle the bill afterwards. We will send you the original medical bill for any further claims or settlements with your insurance. (A claim form for customers of the European Travel Insurance company can be found on our website).

If a direct cash payment is not required at the location, then the medical bill from the doctor or hospital will be sent in due course. Please pay the outstanding bill and send the original bill along with a claim form and damages report including all necessary paperwork to the insurance company. (A damages report for customers of the European Travel Insurance company can be found on our website).

“Welcome to Austria“: Medical insurance especially for children from abroad

Duration of stay up until    8 days                   Premium € 14,-

Duration of stay up until    15 days                 Premium € 25,-

Duration of stay up until    22 days                 Premium € 40,-

Duration of stay up until    31 days                 Premium € 59,-

In addition we recommend a travel cancellation insurance policy for all camp participants.

Before-departure cancellation insurance
Should your child become ill before departure, you will receive a full refund (after payment of booking fees and insurance premium)

Premium:             € 30,-

Standard cancellation insurance'
Should your child become ill during the stay, part of the travel costs will be refunded.

Travel costs up to               € 400      Premium € 26,-

Travel costs up to               € 500      Premium € 32,-

Travel costs up to               € 750      Premium € 45,-

Travel costs up to               € 1,000   Premium € 56,-

Travel costs up to               € 1,500   Premium € 85,-

Travel costs up to               € 2,000   Premium € 113,-

Travel costs up to               € 2,500   Premium € 142,-

Further information about insurance policies can be found HERE

Please note that an insurance policy must be taken out by the time of booking. young austria shall act solely as an agent for the “European Insurance company“. When the aforementioned insurance is taken out, a policy number will be provided with the booking confirmation. In the case of claiming for medical treatment or cancellation, please contact the insurance company directly.

Towels and bed linen
Your child should bring their own towels for daily use as well as beach towels (please ensure all items are labelled). Bed linen will be provided by the ya! adventure guest house.

HERE you can download the packing list. We recommend casual sports clothing, waterproofs, comfortable shoes, slippers and at least one warm pullover.  Please label all items of clothing with your child’s name.

We kindly ask you to provide your child with enough clothing and towels. A laundry service is available at a fee if your child stays more than 2 weeks in our camp. 

Travel documents
The travel documents will be sent out approximately two weeks before the start of camp. Should these not arrive in time, please contact us.

Room allocation
The team of supervisors are responsible for the appropriate allocation of rooms on site. Accommodation for boys and girls is strictly separate. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests concerning room allocation at the time of booking.

Visits from family members, relatives and friends
Our experience in the past has clearly shown that visits from parents and relatives can in many cases intensify homesickness. However, if you wish to pick up your child from the camp for an important appointment, we request that you notify the ya! office in Salzburg in advance. In addition, written confirmation is required from the parent/relative/ friend. 

In the ya! adventure guesthouses we set high value in well balanced, healthy and tasty food. On our menus you will find mainly local dishes where we emphasize on regional products. A typical menu of the day contains: extended breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salad isn't forgotten, and is mainly served in buffet style. Here you can find a typical example for a weekly menu

Special dietary requirements
Any special dietary requirements (vegetarian food,  lactose free, etc) can be catered for by the kitchen staff of the ya! adventure guest house. Please notify us about any special requirements at the time of booking.

Food allergy
If your child suffers from any kind of food allergy, we kindly ask you to inform us at the time of booking. Together with the booking confirmation we will send you a separate questionnaire about the food allergy. 

Arrival and departure options
You can find many inormation on arrival and departure options HERE
On arrival day you can bring your child between 3 - 6 pm to the camp. On departure day you mus pick it up until 11 am

Camp rules

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly forbidden for all participants.
  • Children are not allowed to leave the camp grounds on their own.
  • Rooms must be kept clean and tidy.
  • Respect, consideration, and non-aggressive behaviour are expected from all members of the camp.
  • Instructions given by the team of supervisors are to be followed at all times. 

Instructions given by the team of supervisors are to be followed at all times. Please inform your child of these requirements prior to arrival at the camp.

Removal from camp
Our team of supervisors, management and young austria are not to be held responsible for any possible disorderly or forbidden behaviour of the participants. A participant may be removed from camp due to contagious or serious illness or injury that prevents the participant from partaking in the daily programme and in the case of indecent behaviour, punishable actions or other behaviour for which the supervisor cannot accept responsibility.  When a participant is removed from camp, the child must be collected immediately by a parent or guardian at their own expense or arranged accordingly. No refund of travel and camp costs will be made.

You can download the FAQs HERE

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