Social Distancing Kids

Dear parents!

You are sure to be wondering how it is possible for a camp to take place at present.

We have already prepared for our camps in summer 2020 thoroughly and developed an action plan tailored towards our camps and your children: easy to understand, practical to implement and playfully integrated into the daily routine.

We are working together with children and youth travel practitioners, health experts and training coaches as Epicert’s ( Austrian cooperation partner. 

In accordance with the requirements and recommendations put forward by the Federal Ministry of Health, our action plan – part of our care and supervision strategy - puts in place sound guidelines for our youth hotels, counsellors and young guests.


Our Covid-19-Protection-Framework

The health and well-being of your child is our top priority! Hence we have developed a comprehensive safety and hygiene framework which is constantly updated and adapted according to statutory regulations and the latest scientific knowledge Our young austria Covid-19-Protection-Framework was a success in summer 2020. There were over 1000 participants and no infections on site. To ensure the safety of all participants we rely on corona tests.

ya! camps protection framework 2021 


Untroubled anticipation without risk 

Owing to the current rate of vaccination in Austria and the decreasing incidence rate we believe that Austria can soon return to normality and that young austria summer camps will take place. This prognosis has been put forward by Austrian government and we are confident that this will be the case. We adapted our booking conditions in your favour:

✓ Free cancellation with no need to provide a reason up to 21 days prior to arrival. 100% money back guarantee!

✓ Free cancellation up to arrival day and 100% money back guarantee for all camps if the following reasons apply at time of arrival:
- Official warning against travelling to where the camps take place.
- Quarantine is required in either the country of origin or destination.
- A ban on overnight stays or ban on holiday camps taking place in the destination country.

✓ 20% deposit required two weeks after booking

✓ Customer payments are protected against insolvency


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Warm regards from the Camps Office!

Your young austria team

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