Social Distancing Kids

Dear parents!

You are sure to be wondering how it is possible for a camp to take place at present.

We have already prepared for our camps in summer 2020 thoroughly and developed an action plan tailored towards our camps and your children: easy to understand, practical to implement and playfully integrated into the daily routine.

We are working together with children and youth travel practitioners, health experts and training coaches as Epicert’s ( Austrian cooperation partner. 

All our staff undertake a training course at the start of their employment and upon completion of this receive an Epidemic Certificate as proof.

In accordance with the requirements and recommendations put forward by the Federal Ministry of Health, our action plan – part of our care and supervision strategy - puts in place sound guidelines for our youth hotels, counsellors and young guests.

The ya! summer camps hygiene measures to deal with Covid-19 were a success in 2020!

Summer 2020 was a challenge for young austria’s summer camps, yet over a thousand children and young people were able to enjoy unforgettable summer experiences in our camps. Well thought out hygiene measures, a highly motivated and skilled team of counsellors on site, and a well-prepared team in our adventure guesthouses all contributed to the success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again!

Thanks to summer 2020 we know exactly what to expect and have found our protection and safety framework to be highly effective. Experience dealing with the epidemic is incredibly valuable.

Our robust protection framework for summer 2021 will be constantly updated and adapted according to statutory regulations and the latest scientific knowledge.


ya! camps - protection framework 2021 - version February 2021


young austria summer camps 2021
We believe that the vaccination programme, beginning as early as the end of December 2020, will have the desired effect. Therefore, in the run up to summer, Austria will already boast a good vaccination rate and we will be able to return to normality once again. This prognosis has been put forward by our government and we are confident that it will be the case.


No deposit to pay until 28th March 2021
Demand is already high! Secure a place for your child at their chosen camp quickly and completely risk free! Upon booking you will receive a guarantee that the place is yours and will still not have any costs to pay.
The required deposit, 20% of the total trip cost, does not need to be paid until after 28th March 2021. Until then you are entitled to cancel your booking free of charge at any time, without needing to provide a reason!
Should the prognosis put forward by the authorities not come to fruition, meaning in 2021 we are still dealing with a situation in which the virus is widespread, we will extend our free cancellation period to your advantage.


The health and wellbeing of everyone is our priority.

Even though camp life may be challenging, there is no doubt our staff will ensure that shared experiences, lots of fun and long-lasting memories are at the heart of everything. All this means your children will have an unforgettable summer with us.

Warm regards from the Camps Office!

Your young austria team

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