Social Distancing Kids

Dear parents!

You are sure to be wondering how it is possible for a camp to take place at present.

We have prepared thoroughly and developed an action plan tailored towards our camps and your children: easy to understand, practical to implement and playfully integrated into the daily routine.

We are working together with children and youth travel practitioners, health experts and training coaches as Epicert’s ( Austrian cooperation partner. 

All our staff undertake a training course at the start of their employment and upon completion of this receive an Epidemic Certificate as proof.

In accordance with the requirements and recommendations put forward by the Federal Ministry of Health, our action plan – part of our care and supervision strategy - puts in place sound guidelines for our youth hotels, counsellors and young guests.

In order to best protect your children, as part of your travel documents you will receive a checklist which you should go through together with your child prior to departure. 

This list clarifies any queries you may have so that you can bring your child to us both worry-free and safe in the knowledge that they will have a one of a kind, fun-filled experience at camp.

The health and wellbeing of everyone is our priority.

Even though camp life may be challenging this year, there is no doubt our staff will ensure that shared experiences, lots of fun and long-lasting memories are at the heart of everything. All this means your children will have an unforgettable summer with us.

Warm regards from the Camps Office!

Your young austria team

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