Our Travel Insurances

Please ensure that your child has sufficient health and liability insurance.

We recomend all participants to take out the "Hotel Cancellation Plus" insurance, as well as, for our guests from abroad we additionally recomend the "Welcome to Austria" insurance. This way your child is comprehensively insured!


1. Cancellation insurance – Hotel Cancellation Plus – www.europaeische.at

Perfect cancellation cover for your child should he or she get ill before or during the camp. The Hotel Cancellation insurance is a cancellation insurance for your child’s stay at the camp.

Overview of benefits:
✓ Trip cancellation
✓ Trip curtailment
✓ Delayed arrival
✓ Involuntary extension of the holiday
✓ Search and rescue including helicopter rescue

Due to the current situation, the cancellation cover is also valid in case of COVID-19 disease, despite pandemic status*.

Insofar, cover is granted in the event that your child, as the insured customer, cannot start or have to interrupt the travel,
✓ because you suffer from COVID-19 symptoms,
✓ because you have been found to have an elevated temperature measured, even if a later test result is negative,
✓ because you were tested positive for COVID-19 without showing symptoms,
✓ because a close relative or a person living in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and your urgent presence is required,
✓ because a close relative in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and you must therefore be quarantined,
✓ because you are unable to travel as a result of your illness during your stay. Covered are costs within the limits of involuntary extended accommodation.


The premium is dependent on the travel price:

up to € 600,- € 30 up to € 1600,- € 80

up to € 800,- € 40 up to € 1800,- € 90

up to € 1000,- € 50 up to € 2000,- € 100

up to € 1200,- € 60 up to € 2500,- € 125

up to € 1400,- € 70 up to € 3000,- € 150

For more information click HERE

*not applied pandemic exclusion valid until recalled (https://www.europaeische.at/en/service/travelmagazine/article/urlaub-in-oesterreich-versicherungsdeckung-zu-covid-19)


2. Holiday health insurance, "Welcome-to-Austria" - www.europaeische.at

For customers from foreign countries, who are visiting a camp in Austria. Please note that the insurance coverage is only available for NON- Austrian Citizens! The premium is dependent on the duration of your stay.

up to 8 daysPremium € 14,-
up to 15 daysPremium € 25,-
up to 22 daysPremium € 40,-
up to 1 monthPremium € 59,-


Medical benefits:
Transport home if medically necessary (including ambulance jet) and transfer transport, curative costs of out-patient treatment, search and salvage costs, hospital costs, transfer in the event of death
Cover up to € 55.000,-, Cover for insurance up to 8 days up to € 30.000,-

Travel private liability:
Material damage up to € 37.000,-, Injury to persons up to € 365.000,- 

Postponement costs:
Costs of deportation up to € 7.500,-

HERE you can find the complete cover. 


Effecting an Insurance

Please note that an insurance policy must be taken out by the time of booking. young austria shall act solely as an agent for the “European Insurance company“. The above mentioned premiums describe the situation in February 2021). When the aforementioned insurance is taken out, an insurance policy will be provided with the booking confirmation. In case of claiming for medical treatment or cancellation, we will help you with the paper work for the insurance company. 


More information: 

In order to enable medical treatment by a doctor in case of illness or accident, the following guidelines are in place:

- Children from Austria require an E-card or Social Security (SV) card.
- Children from EU states require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
- We recommend that children from other countries take out medical insurance with the European Insurance Agency (please see below).

Should you decide to take out another insurance policy, please be aware that in the case of illness or accident, our team of supervisors cannot contact the insurance company before consulting a doctor or hospital, to ensure your child receives the fastest medical attention possible. Parents will be informed immediately (after emergency treatment is given) and can then clarify any further steps with their insurance company. 

Should your child have to visit a doctor or hospital during the camp, some costs may have to be paid immediately. We undertake to pay these costs in advance and kindly ask you to settle the bill later. We will send you the original medical bill and any further settlements along with your insurance. 

If a direct cash payment is not required at the location, then the medical bill from the doctor or hospital will be sent in due course. Please pay the outstanding bill and send the original bill along with a claim form and damages report including all necessary paperwork to the insurance company.

Download - Claim form for handling with the insurance "Europäische Reiseversicherung"


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