What do our language camps offer?

Do you have any questions regarding our language camps? Here you find the answers.
If one answer is missing we are happy to help you by phone or mail.

What is so unique about the ya! language camps?

Our language camps - the English and German camps - are primarily recreational camps! Participants from all over the world create an international ambiance. Our instructors are young and dynamic and offer a wide variety of lessons and recreational time. 

Can beginners also participate in the camp without basic skills?

Our English and German camps are designed for all skill levels. However, we recommend that the youngest participants speak at least one of the two communication languages (English or German) as a second language. Children who cannot communicate at all are quickly overwhelmed and tend to be homesick. 

How can my child communicate?

If your child speaks neither German nor English, it may be helpful if other participants with the same mother tongue are at the camp. Our counsellors speak almost exclusively English and German. Please check if there are other children of the same nationality at the camp.

How are the language groups organised?

The language ability is determined with a written test at the beginning of the camp. The participants are then divided into different learning groups. If the verbal language proficiency differs greatly from the written one, a decision will be made during the week as to whether to move to another group.

How many participants are in one language group?

There are between 10 and 15 children in a group.

Does my child have to bring his/her own textbooks or materials?

Each child receives a learning folder with learning materials, which is also taken home. No textbooks need to be brought along.

What content is taught?

The content covers grammar, vocabulary training, country & culture as well as conversation skills. 

How are the lessons organised?

We attach great importance to lively and interactive lessons, which can take place in a classroom, but also outdoors in nature or in the village during an exciting puzzle rally.

Will my child receive a confirmation of participation?

At the end of the camp each participant will receive a certificate for the positive conclusion of the camp with a description of the content and the number of units completed.

Where do the language instructors come from and what training do they have?

Our language trainers are native speakers in their field, i.e. English or German is their first language. All language trainers have either already completed language diplomas (DAF, DAZ, TOEFL, language studies) or are still in training.

How great is the learning success?

Learning success is measured by the child's motivation to learn, use and deepen the language. The camp offers many opportunities to get to know and experience the language in all its facets: in class, but also during free time through sports activities, at the campfire, on an adventure hike or even in the room with roommates. Our language camps are not purely learning camps! The informal aspect of experiencing the language makes the camp a successful experience.

Are the activities repeated in camps lasting several weeks?

We try to offer a unique camp experience every week. Repetitions such as a visit to the outdoor pool may occur, but the day trips vary from week to week. Based on the weather, deviations may occur, however.

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