Reasons why a stay at a camp is worthwhile:

What are the advantages for a child to stay at camp? Camps are fun. But why are they important? Is there more to it than kids’ games and fun songs? A lot more. In an increasingly technically driven world, nature is more fascinating than ever for many children. These are the reasons why a camp is worthwhile:

Experience diversity
A camp brings children together who wouldn't normally meet. The children benefit lastingly from these experiences at a young age. Children learn that there are many people in the world who do things differently. This includes other children from the camp as well as counsellors and leaders. Especially the latter serve as positive role models. They are not seen as strict "law enforcers", but as older, "cool friends" who can take care of them and leave a big impression.

Increase self-esteem
When children are at camp, mum and dad are not in the background to help them meet others. For the first time, they are left to their own devices. They have to prove themselves. This increases self-confidence tremendously when children become friends with children from all over the world. 

Discover nature
At the camps, children are motivated to go outside and enjoy nature. Many children today spend much less time outdoors and grow up with a "nature deficit". The camp connects them with nature, allowing them to see frogs or animal trails in nature or to experience a swim in the lake or cycling on a forest path.

Foster independence
Children in the camp are encouraged to take care of themselves. Sleeping and meal times as well as a day programme are set by the counsellors, but the children have to get up alone, make their beds and find their way to the dining room. Children with a strong dependence on their parents learn to trust themselves more, to make decisions and take care of themselves.

Create wonderful memories
After camp, the wonderful memories remain; children enjoy remembering the great times and fun activities often. In their minds, it represents a period of discovery and personal development that lasts through adulthood.

Make new friends
Lifelong friendships are made with people who don't live next door. Participants can make friends and network with people from all over the world. Building and maintaining these friendships over the summer also helps children strengthen their social skills.

Develop interests
Camps offer the opportunity to try things that could later turn into lifelong passions. A wide range of activities allows children to try out and discover the right thing for them.

Sensibly use the summer
Taking care of kids during the school holidays is a challenge for working parents. However, camps are not a "parking lot" for children, but offer fun, excitement and learning opportunities and thus varied and fulfilling days in the holiday season.

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