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Camps that are personally created and experienced by an extraordinary team.

Day after day in our Camps Office in Salzburg and in the youth hotels on location. During the whole year we work to create 11 perfect weeks for our participants from around the world.


organisational director of ya! camps

Vincent is a qualified teacher, responsible for organising and scheduling all tasks and activities of our counsellors. He uses a multi-level recruitment process to choose our counsellors and carries out personal interviews with those shortlisted. Counsellors must be able to demonstrate a sense of responsibility, social competence and a flair for working with children, before they are offered training for the role of "young austria" camp counsellor. Many of our over 150 counsellors have worked for ya! CAMPS for many years, seeing their role less as a job and more as a passion.


travel expert ya! CAMPS Office

Sophie is in charge of the booking administration, the customer centre with all the important documents for the trip and is involved in the creative process of further developing our camps. On the phone and via email, she answers your questions and ensures that every concern is taken seriously and treated with the utmost attention. Her studies in tourism management and several years of experience as a receptionist in a youth hotel have prepared her perfectly for the work at the young austria camps.

Jeannine gruson

ya! camps office

Jeannine supports our Camps Office with booking administration, organisation and bookkeeping. As a mother of 3, she can empathise well with the questions and concerns of parents. Her experience in the hotel industry makes her a good support for ya! Camps.

Anna kraller


During her studies Anna has discovered her passion for nature and mountains and especially the combination of both with pedagogical activities! Based on her further education as a wilderness and adventure pedagogue and several years of practical work in this field, she now brings this experience to our camps. Among other things, she is responsible for the planning and organization of the programs.


travel expert ya! CAMPS Office

Denise has been working as a supervisor at our young austria camps since 2020. In order to better combine practice and theory, Denise is now also on board with our office team. She tries to bring in her experiences from the summer as well as from her practice as a language teacher for the further development of the camps, so that the next summers will again be an unforgettable time for the children and young people as well as for the counsellors and teachers.

florian paulik

Reisekoordinator für bahn- und bustransfers 

young austria arbeitet eng mit der deutschen und österreichischen Bahn zusammen. Seit Jahrzehnten bringen wir unsere Campsteilnehmer:innen sicher von A nach B. Ebenfalls bieten wir einen umfangreichen Flughafen-Service in München an. Das erfordert effiziente Planung, Flexibilität und ein hervorragendes Team. Florian wählt persönlich rund 100 Reisebetreuer:innen aus und schult sie für ihren Reisebetreuungseinsatz.


Trend scout and quality manager

Alice is an experienced mountaineer, certified sports scientist and Alpine educator. Thanks to her expert knowledge and personal experience she knows exactly what safety entails. Alice chooses all of our external sports partners and checks their equipment, their professionalism when dealing with our participants and requires evidence of licences and insurance. She doesn‘t miss a thing – no one can pull the wool over her eyes when it comes to sport.


managing directors

Our team ensures our camps are of the highest quality. It is our job to create the ideal conditions and ensure constant further development and innovation. We are personally there for our participants, their parents, colleagues and service providers. All the time. Day and night. Being able to lead the best summer camps in Austria for thousands of participants from over 50 countries makes us both happy and proud. Being responsible for it all is a pleasure.

Camps that are personally created and experienced by an extraordinary team.