Our Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Participation

The General Terms and Conditions of Travel (GTCP 1992), defined by the Association of Austrian Travel Agencies, apply. The following conditions also apply in addition or by way of derogation: 

1. operator liability

The tour operator, young austria Österreichs Erlebnisgästehäuser GmbH, is not liable for any impairment or disruption in connection with services that are provided as external services only (e.g.: excursions and visits, additional offers, various sports programmes, train, air travel, etc.). 
We recommend private accident insurance to protect against the consequences of self-inflicted damages and such against third persons. Liability insurance is an absolute requirement for every participant.

2. Minimum number of participants

If we are forced to cancel the trip for unpredictable reasons (for example, by failing to reach the minimum number of participants of 20; 8 in the case of rail travel), we can neither provide compensation nor damages. In this event, you will receive back the amounts already paid to us. The tour operator claims a right of withdrawal up to 6 weeks before arrival. A withdrawal on the part of the tour operator may not take place later than 6 weeks before departure.
The tour operator reserves the right to change the location advertised in the catalogue and at the website (www.camps.at) up to 6 weeks before arrival and to organise the respective camp at an equivalent alternative location.

3. Limitation of liability

The contractual liability of the tour operator is limited to three times the travel price,

  1. as far damages incurred by the traveller are caused neither deliberately, nor negligently, or
  2. as far as the tour operator is responsible for damages incurred by the traveller solely due to fault of a service provider. 

The tour operator reserves the right to assert price changes which are outside its sphere of influence (withdrawal policy according to point 8.1. ARB 1992). We reserve the right to change or exchange of equivalent programme contents.

Our counsellors and leaders are not liable for any illegal, unauthorised individual actions of camp participants. In this event, liability is not assumed by the counsellor or leader. The exclusion of a participant may occur in the event that contagious or other serious illness as well as a handicap, which hinders participation in the daily programme, are concealed in the registration, in the event of immoral behaviour, punishable acts or other behaviour, for which the counsellor cannot be held responsible. In the event of exclusion, no refund of the travel price or costs for the return journey can be provided.

4. Registration and confirmation

The registration is binding for us as soon as we receive it online, by mail, e-mail or fax. With the booking confirmation you will receive the payment dates and a risk coverage certificate. A deposit of 20% of the total cost is due within 14 days after booking.

If the deposit is not received in time, we reserve the right to cancel the registration. The balance is to be paid between 20 days at the earliest and 14 days at the latest before the start of the camp. All payments must be made to us free of charge!

Rebooking requests of the customer will be considered for a fee of € 25,00. Deposits do not expire.

The travel documents (information about the supervised train trip, emergency card, suitcase packing list and additional offers) can be found in the customer center about 2 weeks before the start of the camp. If the full payment has not been received by the start of the camp or if no bank receipt or payment advice note is available, we regret that we cannot allow your child to participate.

5. discount

Any promotional discounts cannot be combined.

6. extension

We would be pleased if your child would like to extend! We are happy to meet your request, depending on availability. Please note that proof of payment for the extended stay is required on the changeover day. 

7. Cancellations

In addition to the cancellation fees according to item 7.1.c. GTCP 1992, we have to charge a cancellation fee of 100% if you do not arrive (No Show). Your cancellation must be communicated to us in writing by registered letter or e-mail.

Other cancellation fees:
up to 45 days before departure 20% of the travel price
up to 30 days before departure 40% of the travel price
up to 14 days before departure 70% of the travel price
up to 6 days before departure 80% of the travel price
up to 0 days before departure 90% of the travel price


We recommend that you take out cancellation protection insurance. young austria offers very attractively priced cancellation protection. 
You can find further information under: insurance packages

8. travel insurance

It is possible to take out travel cancellation insurance. If the customer decides to take out travel cancellation insurance and places the order in writing (or online), the insurance benefit will be booked by young austria. 

9. Premature termination of a booked service

If a premature termination of the stay  is necessary by a participant due to illness or for reasons beyond the control of the operator, e.g. exclusion for disciplinary reasons or homesickness, no refund can be made. The travel home shall be at the expense and responsibility of the parent or guardian.
In the event of cancellation or premature termination due to illness, we recommend taking out insurance – see information under "Travel Insurance".

10. INFECTIOUS DISEASES / pickup / Consultation doctor/Hospital

If the situation requires it, young austria is free to take measures to protect the health of participants, counselors and house staff. These can be e.g: Mouth/nose protection, entry tests, regular on-site tests, etc.

By booking a young austria summer camp, the customer agrees to comply with the measures in force at the start of the trip or during the trip (these measures will be published immediately on camps.at).

If there is sufficient suspicion of a contagious disease in a participant, this participant can be excluded from the camp prematurely. There are no claims for reimbursement of the travel price and the journey home must be made at the expense and responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Please understand that young austria or the on-site care team can only take care of a sick child (possibly with a contagious disease) up to a certain extent.

Picking up the child in case of illness should be natural and possible at any time. Please make arrangements for this.

With the participation of your child in a young austria summer camp you agree that our care team can decide on site without prior consultation with you whether a visit to the doctor or hospital is necessary (in case of emergency or suspected illness). The parents or guardians will of course be informed immediately!

11. Complaints

(In addition to point 5.3. GTCP 1992) If the participant does not agree with the services offered or is dissatisfied, immediate notification to the responsible counsellor is essential. Please inform your child of this!


The participant is responsible for any personal belongings that he/she does not leave in the care of the counselor team during his/her stay. young austria is not liable for any damage or loss of personal belongings in this case.

  1. Mobile phones: Please note that mobile phones will be collected by our counsellors at check-in, as digital detox is part of our philosophy. The children are given their mobile phones every day for about an hour after lunch or before dinner to make calls, send WhatsApp messages or take photos. In addition, the counsellors can decide at their own discretion (depending on the activity) whether the mobile phones are issued for day trips, for example. Please discuss this policy with your child in advance. In case of emergencies during the camp period, young austria is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should your child have health problems, severe homesickness etc., you will of course be informed.

13. Imagery

We would like to point out that during the camps photo teams may be on site and the various activities (such as team games, sports games, fun Olympics, etc.) may be photographically document. These photos may be published for advertising purposes. If you do not consent to this, your child will receive a “no-photo bracelet”. This must be ticked on the emergency card provided with the travel documents. Our photographer will take care that your child is not photographed.

14. Persons with reduced mobility

Our trips are generally appropriate for people with unlimited mobility. If the booking is for participants with reduced mobility, we kindly ask you to inform us before booking the trip.

15. Passport, visa and health regulations

Given the possibility, the tour operator will notify the customer prior to commencement of the trip if there are important changes in the general rules outlined in the itinerary. The tour operator is not liable for the timely granting or timely receipt of visas from the respective diplomatic representation, if it was commissioned by the customer with the procurement. This does not apply if the tour operator is responsible for the delay.

The customer is responsible for adherence to all important regulations, which are important for the realisation of the trip. Due to this, all the disadvantages resulting from non-compliance with these regulations are at the expense of the latter.

The tour operator assumes the responsibility to inform the customer about all known provisions regarding passport, visa and health regulations. This also includes the regulations which the tour operator should be aware of when exercising the care required in business dealings.

The responsible consulate can also provide information for customers who do not have Austrian citizenship.

The tour operator may charge the customer corresponding cancellation fees if entry regulations of individual countries have not been observed by the customer. This also applies to visas not received in good time due to the customer’s fault, as a result of which the customer cannot travel.

16. Data protection

We process your data exclusively on the basis of the legal regulations (GDPR, TKG 2003). The electronic processing of the data is carried out at young austria for the submission of offers or for the execution of travel contracts. For more information, visit Data Protection.

17. Further information on the Package Travel Act (PRG)

young austria is responsible for the proper provision of all the travel services provided for in the contract and is required to provide assistance in the event of difficulties. Any non-compliance with the contract must be reported to young austria immediately. The contact details of any local partners can be found in the travel documents. Contact with underage travellers is possible via the office or the camp manager on site. Customers have the opportunity to participate in an alternative dispute resolution procedure, e.g. through the Verbraucherschlichtung Austria. Customers have the option to transfer the contract to another traveler in accordance with §7 Package Travel Act. 

18. FAQs

Please also have a look at our FAQs. They contain important information! 

19. Jurisdiction

Salzburg, Austria 

Modification as well as typographical and print errors in the catalogue/website are reserved. 

As of: October 2022

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Insurer pursuant to Package Travel Act: 

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In the event of insolvency, all claims are to be settled within 8 weeks, in the case of other loss of claims directly with the competent

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