frequently asked questions

Here you will find helpful answers to questions you may have. If you have doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us!


The Kids Camp is suitable as a starter camp. This is tailor-made for children aged 6-11. The supervision ratio is set extra high at 1:5 and the counsellors are specialised in homesickness. The ideal camp for the very young.
Your child is between 8 and 16 years old, would like to improve their English/German skills and have an unforgettable time with participants from all over the world? Learning and deepening the language is practised in all facets at the English Action Camp and the Goethe German Camp. Our language teachers are all native speakers who can not only teach, but also provide a varied social programme. Please note that German Camp in cooperation with the Goethe Institute is especially suitable for participants whose native language is not German. The Goethe German Camp is perfect for childern between 12 and 17 years old. Is your child between 9 and 16 years old, looking for sporting challenges and wants to try out various outdoor activities? Then our Multi Activity Camp and Outdoor Adventure Camp are just right for you! We also have international participants in these camps.

The easiest way to book a camp is via our homepage. On each camps page you will find the button “book online”. A booking is binding for us as soon as we confirm it.

Please note that if you fill in only one booking for multiple participants, you will receive only one invoice for all of them. 

The additional overnight stay between two camps is included. Please note that there may be no / few other participants on site during the additional night. Childcare and meals will of course be provided. 

Some of our camps are offered on a 2-week basis anyway. We strongly recommend to choose these camps and dates if possible, because there are other participants on site. 

If it is necessary to change houses between 2 camps, your child will spend the extra night in the house of the first camp.

No. Please make a separate booking for all participants. 

Yes! Many of our camp participants book without friends or siblings. It doesn't take long for new friendships to develop.

- such as epilepsy or ADHD.


In principle, diseases such as epilepsy or ADHD do not constitute an obstacle to participation. However, this is always a case-by-case decision and we ask you to contact us at before booking.

Basically, our programmes are perfectly adapted to the specified age groups. Slightly falling below these limits is usually not a problem. However, you know your child best and should consider whether your child can handle it or not. Exceeding the age limit is unfortunately not possible.


You can pay either by bank transfer or credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card, you will receive a credit card payment link with the first payment request.

A deposit of 20% of the tour price is due 2 weeks after booking. The balance is to be paid at the earliest 20 and at the latest 14 days before arrival.

Please note that you must complete separate bookings if you require separate invoices.

before the camp

We recommend that all Austrian citizens bring along at least one copy of their passport or ID. Citizens of the Schengen area will need their original passport or ID card. Children from all other countries in the world must bring along their original passport.

Please inquire as to entry requirements and visa requirements specific to your home country prior to booking.

Taking out insurance is at your discretion. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend health insurance and, due to the current situation, travel cancellation insurance. You can find our offers here.

You will find the travel documents at the costumer center approx. 2 weeks prior to the start of camp. In it you will find the emergency card, optional extra programmes (depending on the camp), a suitcase packing list, the exact address of the youth hostel and other important information.


Please contact us if you do not receive the link for the costumer center (4 weeks before the camp starts).

The emergency card is a form which you receive with your booking confirmation. You will also finde it in the costumer center 2 weeks befor the camp starts. The entered information is intended for your child’s camp counsellors. The information will of course be handled confidentially. Please fill out this form completely and have your child bring it to camp. Please also inform us of any allergies (such as food intolerances), illnesses, prescriptions or the like at the time of booking!


Please note that our camp counsellors will only administer medications to your child that are indicated on the emergency card (name, dose). Our counsellors are prohibited from administering any other kind of medication to your child!

  • You will find a packing list at least two weeks before arrivel in the Customer Centre. For all camps we recommend sporty clothes, rain gear, good shoes, slippers and at least a warm jumper, as well as long trousers. Please label your child's clothing.
  • Towels & Bedding: Please bring your own towels for daily use, as well as a bath towel (please do not forget to label it). Bed linen will be provided by the youth hotel.
  • Emergency card filled out and signed

The ya! adventure guest house will gladly honour special food requests (vegetarian diet, pork-free diet, and the like). In case of food allergies we kindly ask you to note this on the emergency card. Please inform us of any such requests also at the time of booking.

Please consult your doctor about necessary vaccinations and be sure to list them on the emergency card.

For the hut overnight stay at the Outdoor & Activity Camp (Hike & Climb) the participants need a sleeping bag, hiking boots, a small towel and a backpack.

arrival and departure

Please note that the arrival should be between 15-18 clock and departure no later than 11 clock!

The exact meeting point and time will be announced at least two weeks before arrival. Normally, the meeting point is arranged for the morning.

We offer our airport transfer service on selected dates. Children should arrive/depart between 10:00 and 16:00. If you have booked a flight outside of these times, additional childcare costs may be charged.

On average, the airport transfer starts 7h before departure on the day of departure. This is only a rough estimation and may vary. Your child will be well looked after and cared for until the security check is passed, however, if this is outside our core times, additional childcare costs may apply.

Most airlines require this status for children up to 12 years of age travelling alone. Please clarify this with your airline before booking the flight. Please fill in the necessary documents and give them to your child to take with him/her to the camp! If your child is travelling as an "unaccompanied minor", please inform us immediately when booking. As the UM service means a considerable additional effort for us in terms of planning and staff, there is an additional cost contribution of €50.

during the camp

Please inform your child of this prior to his or her stay:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products are strictly forbidden to all participants as well as e-cigarettes.
  • The camp area is to be left only with the camp director's permission and only at certain times and in small groups.
  • Rooms are to be kept tidy and clean.
  • Camp participants are to treat each other with respect.
  • There is to be no violence or indecent behaviour toward other people at camp.
  • Participants are to follow the instructions of the care team at all times! 

A participant may be expelled if he or she has a contagious or otherwise serious illness or handicap upon arrival that was kept from us and that would stop him or her from taking part in daily activities; this also applies to indecent behaviour, criminal offences or any other behaviour for which our counsellors cannot be held responsible (also see 'Camp Rules'). ln the event of expulsion, parents/legal guardians will be responsible for the costs of picking up their child and will have to make their own pick up arrangements. We cannot reimburse travel fees.

ln case of an emergency, you can reach young austria 24/7 while summer camp is in session! This phone number will be included in your travel documents, which you will receive in plenty of time before the start of the trip! Please only use this phone number in case of an emergency so as to not unnecessarily tie up the line!

Children and teenagers are supervised by young austria's team of camp counsellors. Our camp counsellors are mostly students in the fields of physical education, education, psychology, as well as prospective or current teachers. ya! CAMP counsellors and directors attend several days worth of training seminars and are thoroughly prepared for their employment at our summer camps. They are required to pass courses on first aid, legal aspects, program planning and organisation in order to be able to work with us. They undergo a background check which must of course, reveal the absence of any criminal record! Supervising and chaperoning our under-aged participants is our highest priority!

Our camp counsellors and directors are not liable for any disorderly, prohibited conduct on the part of individual camp participants. ln the case of such an event, neither camp counsellors, directors nor young austria will assume liability.

Our team of camp counsellors will allocate the rooms: girls and boys are assigned separate rooms. Also they will try to have a good mixture of different nationalities and they will put kids with more or less the same age together in a room. You are welcome to make a room request at the time of booking.

We recommend approx. € 25,– per week: participants use their packet money to buy souvenirs, post cards, ice cream, additional beverages, etc.

Our team of counsellors holds onto pocket money and important documents for participants. Please be sure to put any important documents in an envelope with your child's name written on it. Participants will be given portions of their packet money at specific times. Participants are responsible for any personal items not placed in the care of our team of counsellors. We also recommend labelling any valuables.

The children are allowed to bring their mobile phones to the camp. When checking in, we collect the mobile phones, because Digital Detox is part of our philosophy. The children are given their mobile phones every day for about one hour after lunch or before dinner to make phone calls, send Whatsapp messages or take photos. In addition, the counsellors can decide at their own discretion (depending on the activity) whether the mobile phones should be given out for day trips, for example. Please leave notebooks, gameboys, playstations and other devices at home!

We have learned from experience that generally visits from parents and relatives can lead to stronger cases of homesickness in some of our participants. If you will need to pick your child up from camp for an important appointment, we ask that you will make an arrangement with the ya! office in Salzburg ahead of time. Additionally, we will require a written legitimation from parents/relatives/friends!

Please make sure you pack plenty of clothes and hand towels for your child to bring to camp. lf your child stays for 3 weeks or more we offer a washing service.

Should your child have to leave early/arrive later, this is generally not a problem. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a separate airport transfer or accompanied train ride except on Saturdays. Please inform us at if an early departure is necessary.


The health and well-being of all participants is our top priority! Therefore, we continuously adapt our protection framework to the generally applicable recommendations. Despite Covid-19, we were able to offer more than 2,500 participants an exciting and carefree summer vacation in 2020 and 2021.

Due to the current low number of infections and the stagnation of occupancy rates in hospital beds, an easing of the pandemic situation can be observed. Therefore, wide-ranging relaxations of the Covid-19 measures have also applied to the travel industry since Easter. 

We assume that there will be no special Corona measures in the summer. Should the situation change, we will inform you immediately in personally and on